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Search Engine Optimization in Houston, TX


Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is the process of increasing the ranking of your website in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo for targeted keywords. Search engine rankings are determined by complex algorithms that take into account hundreds of various factors, both on and off of your website. On-site factors are comprised of things like title tags, meta descriptions, content, link structure, and much more. The off-site factors include social media engagement, reviews, citations, and the list goes on and on.

At Total Websites, our Houston SEO services are driven by an all-inclusive approach that assures each and every on-site and off-site factor is optimized perfectly. We pride ourselves on using ethical and results-driven SEO tactics and guarantee 100% transparency throughout the entire process. We’re so confident in our SEO services that we encourage you to sign-up for a free SEO consultation and take it to any and all of our Houston competitors before making your decision. 

Search engine optimization has potential to be the most powerful marketing tool for any business when performed correctly. Increased traffic and optimal online exposure facilitates more leads, conversions, and ultimately, sales. If you’re not implementing professional search engine optimization strategies for your Houston local business, don’t wait around too long, because you can bet your competitors already are.

Is your Houston business ranking ahead of competitors?

When potential customers search Google to find a product or service, more than 90% never make it to the second page. If your business isn’t one of the select few featured on the 1st page, it’s time to focus on your search engine optimization strategy. This is where our professional Houston SEO experts come to save the day.

Our Houston SEO strategy is tailored to each unique business and consists of the following core components:

In-depth Keyword Research

Using a variety of keyword research tools and methods we formulate a list with hundreds of keywords that best suit your products or services. For each keyword string we take into account the amount of exact searches, competition, and searcher-intent to decide on the optimal keywords to target for your SEO campaign .

Comprehensive Competitive Analysis

With our optimal keywords selected, we perform an in-depth analysis on each of the competitors who are already ranking on the 1st page for your targeted keyword. This helps us assess the difficulty of ranking for the keyword and which methods would be optimal to achieve a higher ranking. The first step of our SEO attack involves reverse-engineering each competitor’s SEO strategies already in place to build a foundation for our campaign. Now, we start performing our own additional methods to achieve the perfect SEO strategy and gain a substantial advantage on our competitor.

Optimal SEO Strategy

Once we have analyzed, assessed, and replicated our competitors, we perform a combination of strategic methods for total SEO domination.

We will continue to incorporate new methods and perfect each and every one to ensure our clients the best results possible, as well as maintain our results for years to come.

Reporting and Analytics

Throughout the search engine optimization process we employ advanced analytics tracking to monitor the effectiveness and overall results of our SEO campaign. You will also be provided with real-time updates of what we are working on and what we have achieved throughout the entirety of our business relationship, including a detailed explanation for each and every tactic we employ. At the end of each month we will provide a comprehensive report to inform you of our current results and their relation to business performance, the strategies currently in place, and our upcoming plan of action.